Real estate professionals spend countless cash on marketing materials. From brochures to yard signs, the funds are drained quickly. However, there is a free way to get this information out to even more people! Here are some ideas for using social media for all real estate marketing needs. 

Properties for Sale

The most obvious aspect of a business to market on social sites is available properties. This is a free way to distribute information to possible buyers. In social media, word tends to spread rapidly. So, if a great picture is out there, someone may “pin” it to Pinterest, enabling countless people to see it. With Facebook, someone may see a home and “tag” a person they know that may be interested. The Internet is vast, and there are an infinite number of individuals these listings can reach.

Sold Properties

Posting sold properties is an indirect way to market. For instance, if people are able to see multiple sold listing on their newsfeeds, it tells them that that agent does consistent business. People like to deal with agents who move many properties. Use these sites to showcase an agent’s closed listings and watch the customers come pouring in!

Happy Clients

Potential customers love to see an agent’s happy clients! Online social networking is a terrific tool for people to see the faces of content customers and also read their stories. Video blogs are a way to take it a step further. If a previous client is willing to record a short “vlog” on why they left a transaction content, post it! Consider these clients a “reference list.”


Facebook in particular allows people to give businesses a “star” rating. This is great incentive to show the public the following that has been earned. Also on Facebook, clients can write on one’s “wall,” and show the world their happiness with a particular agent.

Reveal Oneself

All people mesh differently together. Internet usage for social purposes is a helpful tool to show potential clients who one is. Use it to post motivational quotes each day. Or, join different groups that give hints as to what one enjoys in their spare time. Let people see the person under the name to determine if they would be comfortable doing business with that professional.


The Internet is a great place to distribute not only promotional materials, but also reference guides. Listing agents are a valid source for articles on home maintenance, school rankings and popular design. Use this platform to get the readers reading!

In summary, social media is a top tool for property marketing. The opportunities are endless and the audience is countless. By utilizing the above ideas, any real estate professional will be well on their way to securing clients.