Email marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies. Reaching someone directly in their inbox
is the electronic equivalent of yesterday’s door-to-door sales man. You’re reaching someone right in
their home, right in their space, directly. Messages on social media platforms are fluid and short lived. A
post tweeted at noon to 700 followers may only be seen by a small fraction of those followers. It
depends on if they’re on Twitter at the time and how many competing messages from other users are
being broadcast. But an email goes right to the person you’re targeting and doesn’t go away until it is
erased. And even erased emails were seen, if nothing more than the subject line was skimmed.

When done right, email marketing can be one of the most invaluable online marketing strategies an
enterprise can use to reach customers with promotions and updates. One of BrightGirl Media’s clients
communicates heavily with their users this way and note there is a direct spike in response every time a
new email is sent. When employing an email marketing strategy, note the following metrics to
determine whether or not your campaigns are effective or need to be tweaked:

Open Rate
The open rate lets you know how many of your list subscribers are actually opening your email. Industry
average for opening emails is typically between 15-20%. If your open rate is below this, you may need to
reevaluate your subject title, time of sending the messages or whether your messaging is what your
subscribers really needs.

Click Through Rate
Click through rate is the number of emails sent divided by the times a specific link is clicked on to lead
the reader back to your website (or another site you may want them to visit). This is a very important
second gauge. It’s one thing to have an email opened, it’s another to pique the subscriber’s attention
enough to have them seek out more information.

Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the rate at which your users respond with an elicited action compared to the number
of emails you sent. For instance if you sent 1,000 emails and you had 250 of them respond a certain
way, your conversion rate is 25%.
Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the number of times your email was rejected by the email server you tried to send it
through to reach your subscriber. Emails bounce for a number of reasons: inboxes can be full, the email
address could be invalid or have changed or perhaps your email address has been flagged as spam by
their email server (beware of this, we don’t do spam!)

Unsubscribe Rate
It’s so sad to see subscribers go, but the unsubscribe rate is a harsh reality in email relationships. OK, it’s
not that dramatic, but this is the rate at which people unsubscribe to your emails. People opt-in, they
opt-out; it happens. But do some investigating to figure out why if your unsubscribe rate seems high.
People might be running for the hills if you’re spamming them (remember, we don’t do that!) or sending
information that isn’t what they need.