As most of you know, I’ve been participating in Luvvie Ajayi’s #31WriteNow Blog Challenge. The
challenge is to write a blog post every day for the month of August. So for 31 days you will be hearing
from me. Great, right!? The problem is coming up with consistent fodder that is interesting enough for
me to research and write about and compelling enough for you to read and come back for more. In the
midst of this process I realized other people probably have the same issue, which is why our blogs look
like the kids on the Feed the Children commercials: destitute. So I’ve decided to share with you how to
get ideas for blog articles. I’ve employed each of them and they’ve kept me afloat for the first week of
the challenge.

  1.  Keyword searches: The point of blogging, at least for business, is to drive traffic to your site and
    share your knowledge with potential clients. If you want to make sure people find your site and
    are met with the information they are looking for, build your articles around the keywords that
    are already being searched on the Internet. I used Google Keyword Tool and Keyword Tool
    Dominator. Just insert words that relate to your topic of expertise and it will populate a bunch of
    phrases for you. Once you see what others are looking for it will likely spark some ideas of things
    you can share.
  2. Google Alerts: I receive alerts for news and articles on specific topics in my email inbox daily.
    Reading through some of the headlines and current events can ignite ideas of things you can
    write about from your own perspective and with your personal spin.
  3. Social Media: Twitter is my best friend when it comes to content aggregation. I follow people
    who have lively discussions and active timelines. Those conversations and trending topics are
    excellent idea fodder. Facebook is great for this as well. You can see what people are interested
    in and create content around that rather than pulling stuff out of thin air that no one cares
    about or was so last week anyway.

If you’re struggling to come up with things to discuss on your blog, try employing these strategies. If
you have any other suggestions of how to get ideas for blog articles, please share them in the
comments section. I have 22 more days to go and I’m certain I’ll need all of the ideas I can get!