I cannot separate who I am. I cannot compartmentalize my personal experiences from my business. I am me 24 hours of 365 days. It bothers me when I see people toe the line in business and personal situations. They’re one way over here, you see them in another situation they’re someone else. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. (or Mrs.) Hyde act must stop somewhere. I painfully look on from the sidelines wondering when they will just BE; it has to be hard to juggle so many personalities! Chanelle Yarber, managing consultant for BrightGirl Media is a Christian, African-American woman who loves helping people, laughing and being silly with friends, connecting others and building relationships, business, creativity, tech junky, thinker, brainstormer. These are the makings of ME. Therefore it only made sense that BrightGirl Media was an extension of all of the things that make me uniquely Chanelle. I didn’t want to have to wear a million different hats and go into the phone booth like Superwoman and change outfits every time a new piece of my experience was calling. 

Aligning your brand with your personality results in you being your best YOU. You were created and purposed to be unique, different and necessary. When I launched BrightGirl Media, I consulted with my good friend Jason Johnson of Identity Engineers to help me brand myself. I let him know I needed to communicate with the public all that I am and do in a congruent fashion. The result is what you see. Everything from the colors and light bulb in the logo to the way I communicate in this blog is representative of my personal AND business brand. When brands are authentic, they reach their ideal clientele easily and their work becomes play. I enjoy the projects I take on because I understand the clients and they understand me. Sure, I’ve had a few bad experiences along the way but that’s all a part of growing pains. 

What you convey to your audience is important across all channels. Even if your business is not like mine in the way that I have branded myself personally, the way you communicate should still be reflective of the people who are behind the brand. Take Steve Jobs for instance. Everyone knew what to expect of him from his turtlenecks and whiteboard presentations, innovation and intuition in technology. Apple is the brand; Steve Jobs was the man behind the brand. It was very difficult to separate the two because he passionately lived out what he was purposed to do. When Apple, the very company he was instrumental in creating, fired him, their stock went down. Why? Jobs was an integral part of that brand. His vision is what gave the company its lifeblood. 

What does your brand say about you? Are you aligning your brand with your personality? Are you communicating to others your vision, ethic and purpose?