Did you know that video marketing is one of the fastest growing mediums for businesses? $3 BILLION
was spent on video advertising in 2010! YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google.
Businesses who post video marketing content regularly have a 56% increase in the chance they will be
found via search. In order to get eyes on your business you have to be savvy about video marketing or
else you’ll be left behind. So here are 5 video marketing tips to get you noticed.

1. Have a compelling message
Nothing is worse than clicking to watch a YouTube video and listening to someone ramble. Make
sure you rehearse your message, make notes and deliver it strongly. There are billions of
competing videos and likely hundreds of other experts on your same topic. Compel your
audience not to just listen, but give them valuable information that is worth sharing and/or
provokes them to respond to your call to action.

2. Make it short
When someone decides to click on your video, chances are they take the length of the video
into heavy consideration. Many people are watching YouTube while at work or on the go. Get in,
hit your points, call to action and close.

3. Don’t just talk, show
Your visual is what separates your video from a podcast. If you really want to be compelling and
drive home a message in short period of time, consider the visuals you are using. Make sure
your background and set look nice and add graphic titles, b-roll and photos to drive home the
point you are making. Some people learn better when hearing, others when seeing. Also, to
move your message along, add music to the background. These details will make your video look
and sound more polished.

4. Keywords and titles are important
How will your audience find you if your keywords aren’t driving traffic and your title isn’t
reflecting the topic? Tell them what you are going to tell them before they click PLAY. Keywords
account for 76% of increased traffic when they are targeted and accurate. Research keywords
and phrases with the Google Keyword tool to see how popular they are.

5. Share it everywhere
Once your video is recorded, edited and looks and sounds great, share it on all of your social
media outlets and in your email marketing campaigns. The purpose of video marketing is to
drive traffic and establish your brand as a knowledgeable influencer. Sharing across platforms
will help grow your views and if you follow steps 1-4, your followers will be compelled to share
your professional, polished video.