Tell Your Brand Story

Let BrightGirl Media take the guesswork out of communicating your culture to ideal customers and potential investors so that you can focus on what’s most important – scaling your startup.

Join the Ranks

Communicate Like a Pro

Join the ranks of other startup leaders who are leveraging  BrightGirl Media’s video marketing expertise. Our team is dedicated to helping you communicate a brand story that is so powerful, that it does the selling for you.

Visual Content Strategy

Grab attention in a 3-second attention span world with a smart content strategy. We strategize with you on visually telling your brand story online.

Video Storytelling

Let’s co-create! We help you connect with your ideal audience through videos that convey your brand story and culture.

Streaming TV and Video Advertising

Let us position your brand on YouTube, Hulu, Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV so that you can take your business to the masses!

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Our Why

BrightGirl Media is passionate about helping startups thrive. The importance of digital media to small businesses cannot be underestimated. You must make your brand known and keep it in the forefront of your customers’ minds to ensure that your business grows and accomplishes its goals. No business should ever fail simply because they are not expert communicators.